Richard Greene
4 min readNov 17, 2023

The Inexcusable Inaction of The UN and The Rest of The World

by Richard Greene and Marty Perlmutter

While everyone is protesting and blaming each other, the supposed “adults in the room” are Missing In Action.

Where The Hell Is The United Nations?

Where The Hell is Saudi Arabia and The Rest of The Arab and Muslim World?

Where The Hell is The EU and Others Around The World Who Care About The Palestinians?

Where The Hell, Like, Really, Where The Hell is VISION and ACTION for The ONLY Possible Path Forward — A 2 State Solution?

We know that blaming Jews is fun, cathartic, perhaps even exciting for many. It’s a tried and true formula for millennia. Why stop now, right?

And moral outrage, even without context (or, perhaps especially without context) and self-righteousness can be deeply satisfying. On either side.

But, WTF. Really, WTF?


Why are we not talking about, or creating a BUFFER ZONE between Gaza and Israel, to protect BOTH sides and reduce the killing of innocents on either side?

Really? Where is everyone?


Blaming only Israel, over and over and over again, and forgetting the admittedly genocidal terror group who actually started this, is bad enough. But why in the world is the world not talking, seriously, about helping The Palestinians find NEW leadership that is more committed to improving the lives of Palestinians than killing Jews?

With global support for The Palestinian people to oust leadership they don’t want and get leadership they do, we believe it could be done. And quickly.

Isn’t that what The United Nations is there for?

And don’t the Palestinian children deserve a future different than the present and the past?


And, with new leadership for The Palestinians we could immediately be halfway towards what we need for a real, viable, safe, prosperous Two State Solution, the ONLY solution that makes any sense, for both parties.

Isn’t that what The United Nations is there for?

Is the rest of the world too busy “Kvetching” about the “genocide” and “apartheid” of Israel to do what is necessary to stop it. Or might they be more than satisfied to continue the status quo so that they could continue to complain and blame and criticize and demonize and scapegoat and distract from their own abuses and subjugations of their own people?

And, with Benjamin Netanyahu’s well-deserved incredibly low approval ratings, a change in leadership for The Palestinians would, almost certainly, and quickly, open the door for a new, and necessary, change in Israeli leadership.

A new, peace-oriented Palestinian leadership dedicated to a Two State Solution would make it imperative on Israel to elect the same. And for the rest of world to rush in with MASSIVE amounts of support to make this all happen.

And, isn’t this, also, what The United Nations is there for?


So, instead of recycling the same condemnations of Hamas and Israel for the next weeks, let’s make it even more “fun”, and relevant, and expand the blame to the many, many institutional stakeholders and countries who seem to be sitting like spectators in the bleachers, with popcorn, cheering for their team . . . but doing virtually nothing to save Palestinian children, find the Israeli hostages, staunch the escalating global antisemitism or pave the way towards a real, sustainable, solution to a crisis that should have already been solved decades ago!


Called “The best idea guy in America”, Richard Greene “The Civics Dean” is an author, Civics Educator and Political Communication Strategist who has advised Presidents, Prime Ministers and Presidential and Prime Ministerial candidates in 10 countries and trained CEOs and others in 53 countries on 6 continents. A former Fellow at the Constitutional Rights Foundation, Richard is also a former attorney, former law school instructor, national radio talk show host and the Founder of 279 for Change, which advocates a new approach to engaging in politics based on pieces of legislation. His book “Words That Shook The World: 100 Years of Unforgettable Speeches and Events” analyzes the 20 greatest speeches of The 20th Century and his free eBook, “WTF are “The Midterms”? (www.WTFareTheMidterms.com) helped explain the importance of The 2018 Midterm Elections.

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Marty Perlmutter is a Harvard trained “Thinker, Organizer and Practical Visionary” with a deep expertise in foreign policy, the Russian — Ukraine Conflict and Global Anti-Nuclear Proliferation campaigns. He is a Social Mediate Strategist, New Media Producer and President of The Interactive Multisensory Learning Institute

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Richard Greene

“The Civics Dean” is a Political Communication Strategist and a former attorney and “Civics Educator” and author of “WTF are ‘The Midterms’?” @TheCivicsDean