The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Quiz

Richard Greene
3 min readNov 19, 2023

Maybe putting this into a quiz will bring us all to a common point of view.

QUESTION: What Should Israel Do (or Should Have Done) In Response to The October 7 Events?

A. Nothing. Just accept that it happened and move on ___

B. Attack back. Invade Gaza and try to destroy Hamas no matter what it takes ___

C. Attack back. Invade Gaza and try to destroy Hamas but do everything possible to reduce the number of innocent civilians who are injured or killed in the process ___

D. Attempt to destroy Hamas but wait until every possible innocent Gazan is escorted safely away from where Hamas has its military operations or is hiding ___

E. Don’t attack back and focus instead on temporarily moving all innocent Gazans to Egypt or Jordan and then make plans to destroy Hamas ___

F. Don’t attack back and wait for Hamas to “come to its senses” and stop wanting to kill Jews and destroy Israel ___

G. Don’t attack back. Take whatever time is necessary to negotiate with Hamas to return the 240 hostages and to create a peaceful resolution moving forward ___

H. Don’t attack back. Realize that the idea of Israel is a failed and flawed one and make plans to relocate all Israelis to New York City ___

I. Pray that The UN and the rest of the world help protect Israelis AND Palestinians by creating and patrolling a Buffer Zone and work to find new leadership on both sides who will support and create a viable, safe and prosperous Two State Solution as soon as possible ___

Honestly, what SHOULD Israel do? Let’s go through the 9 options presented in this “quiz”.

A. Anyone who suggests this FOR ISRAEL is either dis-ingenuous or somehow unaware that no other country in the world would ever even consider this.

B. Many countries have done this, or would do this.

C. This, despite global perceptions, is exactly the option that Israel has chosen.

D. This is what Israel would love but Hamas has proven that they will not allow it, perhaps because one of their goals is to have innocents die and to leverage the tragedy to gain support around the world.

E. This is also what Israel would love but neither Egypt or Jordan, or any other country, is willing to shelter the endangered Palestinians at this time.

F. If Hamas retracted its written and oft-repeated intentions to destroy Jews and Israel, perhaps this would be something other than laughable.

G. Israel, The United States and Qatar have been trying to negotiate the release of hostages since October 7.

H. A Palestinian supporter chose this option when asked at a November 17 rally in Los Angeles. She called the solution “ideal”.

I. As the current Option C is still causing massive and tragic loss of life for innocent Gazans and Hamas continues to threaten even more attacks on innocent Israelis, this appears to be the ONLY viable option. Please contact your political leaders and The UN to make this happen. Here’s a recent article with more details. “Where The Hell is Everyone?”

Any other options you might suggest? Please send them to me at This, clearly, is a continuing tragedy, on every level, and seems headed for years of additional suffering. The only way to avoid this, in my opinion, is to think outside the box and talk about and work on win-win alternate solutions!


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Richard Greene

“The Civics Dean” is a Political Communication Strategist and a former attorney and “Civics Educator” and author of “WTF are ‘The Midterms’?” @TheCivicsDean