Richard Greene
3 min readJun 22, 2021

Now that all 50 Republicans have voted to filibuster “The For The People Act” . . . and that it is pretty darn clear that Senators Joe Manchin AND Krysten Sinema will NOT agree to reform the Senate Filibuster to counteract the viral voter suppression bills taking over Republiqan Trifecta states, we have to come up with a new strategy to save our Democracy.

There’s actually a lot we can do, . . . as long as we Democrats, FINALLY, do what Republiqans do . . . and be ruthless and grow some balls!

Motivated by the completely bogus “Stop The Steal” lie of their Lord and Savior, Republiqans do not hesitate to obliterate any semblence of Democracy in their Republiqan “Trifecta” states. (Governor and both houses of the state legislature). We must do what the Arizona Republican Conservative icon, Barry Goldwater, said and go — without apology — into the fullest defense of Democracy ever seen . . . to SAVE Democracy. “Extremism in defense of Liberty” (and Democracy) is, indeed, “no vice.”

The Democratic “Trifecta” states are: California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Colorado, Massachusettes, Nevada, New Mexico, Maine, Rhode Island, Hawaii, Delaware

And here are the 5 things EVERY Democratic Party “Trifecta” State can and must do to get EVERY young person and person of color out to vote in The 2022 Midterms to

a) Elect Democratic Governors

b) Elect Democratic State Legislatures

c) DEFEAT the many Republiqan Congresspersons in their states to SAVE the Democratic Majority in The House of Representatives

d) Elect at least a few MORE Democratic Senators so we CAN reform The Senate Filibuster, and, MOST IMPORTANTLY,

e) Prepare to hold The House and/or The Senate in 2024 to prevent Republiqans from their ULTIMATE goal . . . taking advantage of “The Electoral Count Act” to, “legally”, REALLY STEAL the Presidential Election of 2024!

I. Let’s MANDATE Food and Water At The Polls

The States can and must “cater” every polling station in their state. At, say, $2 — $3 per voter, it would be the cheapest thing we could do to increase turnout.

Richard Greene

“The Civics Dean” is a Political Communication Strategist and a former attorney and “Civics Educator” and author of “WTF are ‘The Midterms’?” @TheCivicsDean