It Is Almost Impossible To Vote For House Republicans . . . After You Read This

Richard Greene
5 min readAug 25, 2022

Numbers don’t lie.

And THESE numbers reveal the deepest Truth about The Republican and Democratic Parties.

A Truth that the media doesn’t cover.

A Truth that will shock most Americans.

Bottom line:

Democrats introduce bills that the VAST majority of Americans want. And Democrats vote FOR these bills virtually UNANIMOUSLY.

Republicans vote AGAINST these bills that the VAST majority of Americans want. And Republicans vote against them virtually UNANIMOUSLY.

Want the numbers?

Here are recent ROLL CALL VOTES in The House of Representatives on 20 of the most consequential and popular bills in modern history — bills THAT AMERICA WANTS.

Democrats cast a total of 3,939 votes for these bills (and just 17 votes against).

Republicans cast a total of 154 votes for these bills (and 3,595 votes against).

Category 1: 13 Bills Passed By Democrats in The House but blocked by Republicans in The Senate

1.“The Women’s Health Protection Act”: Should women have a right to have an abortion in America?

Dems: YES 218, NO 1

Reps: YES 2, NO 208

2. “The Right to Contraception Act”. Should Americans have a legal right to purchase contraception?

Dems: YES: 220, NO 0

Reps: YES 8, NO 195

3. “The Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act”. Should the oil industry face penalties for price gouging?

Dems: YES 217, NO 4

Reps: YES 0, NO 203

4. “The Assault Weapons Ban”. Should military style assault weapons be illegal for sale or purchase?

Dems: YES 215, NO 5

Reps: YES 2, NO 208

5. “The Bipartisan Background Checks Act”. Should we expand background checks to cover all gun sales?

Dems: YES 219, NO 1

Reps: YES 8, NO 202

6. “The Paycheck Fairness Act”. Should women receive equal pay for equal work in America?



Richard Greene

“The Civics Dean” is a Political Communication Strategist and a former attorney and “Civics Educator” and author of “WTF are ‘The Midterms’?” @TheCivicsDean