Richard Greene
4 min readAug 24, 2022


5 Things Everyone on Social Media Needs To Know About The 2022 Midterms

by Richard Greene, “The Civics Dean”

1. “Just.2.More” Democratic US Senators must be elected for Congress to be able to “overrule” the Supreme Court, “codify” Roe v. Wade and restore reproductive rights to all American women. And “Just.2.More” Democratic US Senators would also allow the Democrats to pass most of the following legislation:

* Historic climate legislation that will help prevent an even greater climate catastrophe

* Serious background checks, an assault weapons ban and other actions to prevent more gun violence

* Restoration of voting rights for all Americans

* Incentivize electric cars so that we can get off of foreign oil and reduce oil prices for American consumers

* Help families in need with subsidized child-care and Universal Pre-K

* Help fight inflation and help families in need by capping Insulin at $35, reducing other prescription drugs and expanding Medicare benefits

* The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act

* Marijuana Justice Reform

* The Equality Act

* The Dream Act

  • and MANY more

These bills are on “The 2 Yard Line” for most, perhaps the 5 Yard Line for the rest! And for the next 2 years, with Joe Biden in The White House, we have “the ball” to be able to score! No matter what extremist bills Republicans…



Richard Greene

“The Civics Dean” is a Political Communication Strategist and a former attorney and “Civics Educator” and author of “WTF are ‘The Midterms’?” @TheCivicsDean