3 Reasons Why Novak Djokovic MUST Be Allowed to Play in The US Open

Richard Greene
5 min readJul 13, 2022

On Sunday Novak Djokovic won Wimbledon in a decisive victory over Nick Kyrgios.

And, unless we return to sanity, one of the greatest tennis players in history will be blocked from entering The United States to compete in The 2022 US Open in New York, because he is not vaccinated.

There are 3 independently compelling reasons to change course between now and the August 29 start:

I. August 2022 is NOT 2021 nor January, 2022

The Covid-19 Pandemic is NOWHERE near what it was in 2020, 2021 or even January of 2022 when Djokovic was prevented from competing in The Australian Open.

Deaths, serious illness, hospitalizations are VERY different. For example, on January 17, 2022, the start of The Australian Open there were 170,094 new cases reported in The United States. On July 10, 2022 those numbers were dramatically lower at 22,569.

Restaurants and other businesses have opened up

Masks are no longer required in restaurants, sporting events, concerts or even on intercontinental airplane flights

It is no longer required to have a PCR or Antigen test to get on airplanes or enter most countries.

It is no longer required to be vaccinated to enter most countries.

The UK opened its arms for Novak Djokovic and all other competitors, regardless of vaccination status and held a safe and highly successful tournament.

Why, then, would we keep America, “The Land of the Free” a closed island?

And, if we’re honest, we now know a lot more about what Covid-19 vaccines can . . . and can not do. They do, indeed, help prevent serious illness and death but, clearly, they do not prevent infection or transmission. That is significant. In other words, all of the vaccinated foreign tennis players entering The US to compete in New York may, also, be carrying the virus and may, also, be able to infect others.

II. Integrity vs. Hypocrisy

The buzz around the tennis world is that as many as 40% of the players on tour have FAKE vaccine cards. One player, according to an inside source, even held his up to a fellow player and bragged about how easy it was to get.

An elite athlete’s body is not just their temple, but also their very livelihood and their future. And…



Richard Greene

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